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The School Board is considering whether or not to reinstate live video streaming of its meetings after pulling the live videos due to ADA violations. The cost for live streaming that is ADA compliant is estimated at $16K. What is your opinion?

Number of voters: 85

The district should reinstate live video streaming

Votes: 62 73%

Having the recordings available online 24 hours later, either by audio or video, as presently offered, is sufficient

Votes: 23 27%

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If the city suddenly found it had an extra $10 million of revenue per year, what would you most like it to be spent on?

Number of voters: 116

Underground utilities or other fire safety expenditures

Votes: 46 39.66%

Support affordable rental housing

Votes: 19 16.38%

Build a parking structure

Votes: 19 16.38%

Place money in a “rainy day” fund

Votes: 11 9.48%

Hire more police, fire and lifeguard personnel

Votes: 10 8.62%

Build an Arts Center

Votes: 7 6.03%

Hire more city staff for planning, recreation, maintenance, etc.

Votes: 4 3.45%

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Do you currently own or co-own a business of any sort?

Number of voters: 79


Votes: 41 51.9%


Votes: 38 48.1%

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If the election were to occur all over again today, what would your vote on Measure P – the undergrounding bond/sales tax measure that was defeated – be?

Number of voters: 53

No – opposed

Votes: 35 66.04%

Yes – in favor

Votes: 18 33.96%

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How long have you been reading Stu News Laguna?

Number of voters: 107

Since the beginning – 10 years

Votes: 73 68.22%

6-9 years

Votes: 17 15.89%

3-5 years

Votes: 11 10.28%

Less than a year

Votes: 5 4.67%

1-2 years

Votes: 1 .93%

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Do you think City Council should vote tonight (Tuesday, April 16) to make changes to the current/new LBPD car design?

Number of voters: 43


Votes: 27 62.79%


Votes: 16 37.21%

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Imagine you woke up tomorrow with the knowledge and skill set to work in any one of the positions below, with the opportunity to be hired for one year in one position. Which would you choose?

Number of voters: 79

Executive Director of a local nonprofit of your choice

Votes: 16 20.25%

City Manager

Votes: 14 17.72%

City Councilmember

Votes: 13 16.46%

Lead singer of your favorite local band

Votes: 13 16.46%

GM of local restaurant or hotel of your choice

Votes: 8 10.13%

Police or Fire Chief

Votes: 6 7.59%

LBUSD Superintendent

Votes: 5 6.33%

Teacher or coach at local school

Votes: 4 5.06%

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Of the following seven possible candidates for President in 2020, who have either announced their candidacy or are considered likely to run, who are you most likely to vote for?

Number of voters: 137

Donald Trump

Votes: 41 29.93%

Kamala Harris

Votes: 32 23.36%

Joe Biden

Votes: 26 18.98%

Beto O’Rourke

Votes: 13 9.49%

Bernie Sanders

Votes: 11 8.03%

Elizabeth Warren

Votes: 10 7.3%

Cory Booker

Votes: 4 2.92%

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Do you buy lottery tickets?

Number of voters: 95


Votes: 65 68.42%


Votes: 30 31.58%

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For residents: Do you intend to live in Laguna Beach for the rest of your life?

Number of voters: 80


Votes: 56 70%


Votes: 24 30%

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Will you participate in this year’s Patriots Day Parade on March 2?

Number of voters: 73

No – not this year

Votes: 35 47.95%

Yes – I will be in it

Votes: 24 32.88%

No – but I will watch from the sidelines

Votes: 14 19.18%

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The following elected officials and notable public figures have filed to run for president in 2020 with the FTC or announced exploratory committees. If the election were to happen tomorrow, who would you most likely vote for?

Number of voters: 120

Kamala Harris

Votes: 56 46.6%

President Donald Trump

Votes: 33 27.5%

Elizabeth Warren

Votes: 12 10%

Cory Booker

Votes: 10 8.33%

Kirsten Gillibrand

Votes: 5 4.17%

Julian Castro

Votes: 3 2.5%

Tulsi Gabbard

Votes: 1 0.83%

Pete Buttliegieg

Votes: 0 0%

John Delaney

Votes: 0 0%

Marianne Williamson

Votes: 0 0%

Andrew Yang

Votes: 0 0%

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As a general rule of thumb, do you lock all of the doors in your home all of the time, even when you’re inside?

Number of voters: 109


Votes: 65 59.63%


Votes: 44 40.37%

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Do you believe intelligent extraterrestrial life exists?

Number of voters: 52


Votes: 39 75%


Votes: 13 25%

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How long have you lived in Laguna Beach?

Number of voters: 184

26+ years

Votes: 103 55.98%

13-25 years

Votes: 42 22.83%

6-12 years

Votes: 12 6.52%

I don’t presently live in Laguna but I used to

Votes: 12 6.52%

1-5 years

Votes: 6 3.26%

I have never lived in Laguna Beach

Votes: 5 2.72%

Less than a year

Votes: 3 1.63%

I don’t live in Laguna but I work in town

Votes: 1 0.24%

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Would you sign a Kindness Pledge as part of the City’s efforts to become a World Kindness City?

Number of voters: 76


Votes: 27 35.53%


Votes: 25 32.89%

Depends on the details of the pledge

Votes: 24 31.58%

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Which of the following categories best describes the industry you primarily work in (or worked in if retired)?

Number of voters: 142


Votes: 21 14.79%

Government or Military

Votes: 17 11.97%

Real Estate

Votes: 16 11.27%

None of the above

Votes: 16 11.27%

Design or Construction

Votes: 15 10.56%

Finance or Insurance

Votes: 14 9.86%

Arts and Music

Votes: 11 7.75%


Votes: 9 6.34%


Votes: 9 6.34%


Votes: 4 2.82%


Votes: 4 2.82%


Votes: 4 2.82%

Hotel and Food Services

Votes: 2 1.4%

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What is your political affiliation?

Number of voters: 110


Votes: 58 52.73%


Votes: 27 24.55%


Votes: 25 22.73%

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When was the last time you dipped your toes (or body) in the ocean?

Number of voters: 118

One to six months ago

Votes: 34 28.81%

More than a year ago

Votes: 34 28.81%

Within the last week

Votes: 23 19.49%

Within the last month

Votes: 19 16.1%

Six months to one year ago

Votes: 8 6.78%

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Election Day is right around the corner. Did you vote by mail or will you vote at the polls?

Number of voters: 96

By mail

Votes: 56 58.33%

At the polls

Votes: 36 37.5%

I won’t be voting

Votes: 4 4.17%

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